May Episode # 18 I Am A Conqueror

Join Sandy, Gina, Cherokee and Minister Love as we discuss God's Word!                                                                                                            This Week's Scriptures:
1. Romans 8:37
2. 2 Timothy 2:3
3. Revelation 6:2

This Week's Music: More Than A Conqueror

More Than A Conqueror | Bethany Music feat. BJ Putnam | The Gospel Sessions

This Week's Message: Conqueror

Bishop Noel Jones

This is District Elder Noel Jones (at the time; he is now Bishop Jones) preaching at Lively Stone Church of God in St. Louis, MO on June 16th 1992. His subject is "More Than Conquerors."

This Week's Gospel Comedy

Joe Recca is performing in front of three judges, one named Kevin Hart on BET. For bookings (973) 819-4017 or email me at