Series: My What?
                      Lesson:# 12    
Title: My High Places
High places are associated with worshipping deities in the Bible, most often false gods. The Canaanites worshipped their gods on high places which were basically hills that were sometimes artificially made. These hills would often have some sort of altar at the top, surrounded by groves of trees and Asherah poles, pillars, or standing stones.

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                    Sister Sandra                                              Is doing a wonderful teaching series titled: Overcoming the Flesh. Many of us have various issues in our lives where we need some Biblical knowledge to overcome the flesh.                                           Watch the video below!

PLYMOUTH COMMUNITY CHURCH                   Pastor Linda Lange
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   Beth Eden Baptist Church

 We believe the Gospel is so important that we are to share it with those around us as well as those far from us. We value personal evangelism as well as supporting missionaries who are sharing the gospel around the world.
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