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          Why Should I Read & Study My Bible?

             Here are five solid reasons why you need Bible study:

  • 1. It Guards You Against False Teachings As it has been prefaced, false teaching is very dangerous, and it should never be underestimated. ...
  • 2. It Increases Your Level of Discernment ...
  • 3. It Is Able to Make You Wise unto Salvation ...
  • 4. It Keeps You from Wrongly Dividing the Word ...
  • 5. It Will Bless You When Its Principles Are Kept and Applied
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Our Mission Purpose is to encourage all Christians to Register, Read and Remember the Word of God to spread the Gospel truth about salvation is possible through Jesus Christ our Savior.Your donation will go to help the poor and needy within our local communities and our International foreign missionary communities.    Our goal is to reach over 1,000,000 souls this year.
                 REGISTER + DONATION = LOVE

                 Myron Golden 

Gold was born on 14th May 1961 in Cleveland. He celebrated his 61st birthday in 2022. He is the son of Joseph Ely and Erma Nell Golden. Golden contracted polio as a child and has been walking with a metal brace on his leg all his life. His condition, however, did not limit his ability to succeed. His parents had taught him discipline, which earned him a black belt and was foundational for his future success.

Myron married Gwendolyn Inman Bethea on 1st August 1970. However, his wife died in November 1978. Their union was blessed with a daughter called Malaika Solange. Myron later remarried a woman called Chevaunne Ingrid Powell on 7th August 1993.

     1Peter 1:25
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